TEXTILE Industry

Precision technical ceramics are hardest material, high surface finish , non corrosive and antistatic properties and complex precision net shape due to injection molding technology offer only suitable performance as thread guide for Textile processing machines.


  • Steatite
  • Alumina up to 99.7 %
  • Titania
  • Zirconia
  • Products :

    Flange Eyelet, Double flange eyelet, Slotted eyelet, groove eyelets, step eyelet, Cut Eyelet, Step Eyelets, Tubes, Rods, Sleeve, Ring, Bush, Disc, Dish, Washer, Plates Trap Guide, Traverse Guide, Pig tail Guide, Dog tail Guide, Rollers, Oilers, Oiling Nozzles Cutters, Knife

    Application :

  • Yarn manufacturing machines
  • Twister machines
  • Airjet looms
  • Circular looms
  • weaving machines
  • winder machines
  • Rope, Tap plants
  • Customized guides as per detailed drawings and specifications.

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