Ceramic is only material for high end electrical and Thermal insulation, high mechanical strength, vacuum tight, asthenic good looking, and many more properties with complex shape high purity material by injection molding, pressing, extrusion process for development and high volume production.



    Insulators like Tubes, Rods, Washers, Disc, Sleeves, Pins, Plates, Bases, Covers, Lids, package, Bushes, Seals, Rings, Step rings, dish, eyelets, housings, spacers, orifices, Capacitor bushes, inserts, terminal blocks, heat sink, locking pins, plugs, power tubes, heat dissipation plates, resistor parts, Thick substrates, Standoff with various threads, Gaskets , seals, Shield, Fuse body, Thermocouple base and multi hole tubes, IR and UV lamps caps and sockets,

  • Electromechanical device components
  • Micro ceramic components
  • Dielectric parts for Microwave
  • Feedthroughs insulators, Glass to Metal and Ceramic to Metal power feedthroughs.
  • Laser and X Ray equipment components
  • Oxygen sensor tubes in Zr and Al2O3
  • Spark igniters insulators.
  • Optical instrument parts
  • Precision measuring components
  • Precision metering components
  • Travelling wave tubes
  • Wire bonding sleeves
  • RF components
  • Electron tube components
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