Who We Are

Vinayak Techno Ceramics is manufacturer & supplier of technical ceramics. We supply more than 5000 different products serving various industries worldwide for a wide range of applications.

Vinayak Techno Ceramics was established in 1994 to manufacture low loss insulators in Steatite for electrical & electrical Industries. Since then the company focuses in developing new products with its state of the art R&D facilities.

Today, we specialize in manufacturing products in High Alumina up to 99.7%, Titania, Zirconia, Steatite, Cordierite, Mullite as per customer's requirements with Metal assemblies & metallized ceramic components.

The company has a very modern plant with Injection Molding machines, dry pressing, extrusion, slip casting and machining. The components are made by using one or more of the processes to ensure net shape parts in the green stage itself. Small complex shaped components are manufactured by Injection Molding. The company has developed its own feedstock to ensure high quality with cost effectiveness.

The company also has the capabilities to machine ceramic components after they are sintered. Processes like drilling, lapping, tapping & more.

Customers have different requirement of surface finish as per the application of the part. We have wide range of machines & equipment to ensure surface finish is achieved as required.

The raw materials we select is best quality from reputed supplier Indian, Asian, Eurpoen and USA to ensure consistent high quality products. Various machines like mechanical presses, mixers and furnaces have been imported to repeated quality of parts.

We also have our own highly sophisticated tool room to make the tool, die and molds for the machines.

Our mission

The company aims to become the global market leader in Ceramic Industry. We aim to develop, manufacture & supply products, ensuring cost effectiveness, high end environment friendly. We center of our efforts are to satisfy our customer's requirements. All our processes are planned, developed, implemented, monitored, evaluated & improved to ensure our goal of zero errors.

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