In 1995 the company had established in house technical research and development with state of the art technology. The High Alumina & Titania components with injection moulding , pressing , extrusion and casting technology for serving electrical, electronics , textile, packaging and engineering industries.

About Us

Vinayak Techno Ceramics was established in 1994 to manufacture low loss insulators in Steatite for electrical & electrical Industries. Since then the company focuses in developing new products with its state of the art R&D facilities.

Our Mission

The company aims to become the global market leader in Ceramics Industry. We aim to develop, manufacture & sell products, ensuring cost effectiveness, high end environment friendly. We center of our efforts to satisfy our customer's requirements. All our processes are planned, developed, implemented, monitored, evaluated & improved to ensure our goal of zero errors.

Welcome to Vinayak Techno Ceramics

Vinayak Techno Ceramics is manufacturer & supplier of technical ceramics. We supply more than 5000 different products serving various industries worldwide for a wide range of applications.

Market: Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Textile, Lighting, Engineering, Wire & Cable Industries.

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